Beautiful, Natural, Appropriate

That’s Earthen Built in a nutshell.
Since 2008, I have been helping clients realize their dreams of living in beautiful, healthier homes. Earthen Built builds homes from, primarily, natural materials, while employing appropriate technology where necessary.

What does this mean? It means using conventional materials when needed, like concrete in foundations or for some tiling projects. I also show my clients where they can decrease the use of less natural materials by replacing them with clay, lime, or other options.

Natural buildings range in the spectrum from Pure to Added Touches. Each home is unique, as is each client. I enjoy being able to offer a variety of services to fit my clients’ needs, no matter where they fall in the spectrum.

I team up with local builders and sub-contract for the aspects that my clients wish to have done with natural materials. This has often included working with owner-builders to help them realize their dreams.

I’m happy to train crews, teach workshops, or build with a crew of volunteers. Send me an email if you are considering building with, or adding, natural materials to your home.