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Earthen Designs

Our homes need to fit our lives and feel good to our souls. We each have our own personal needs while each site has its own characteristics. It is important to understand that not every kind of natural home is suited for every climate or geography; designing to suite your location, needs, and dreams is what will create the right home.


Earthen Buildings

New Buildings
Natural homes and natural buildings can be built with such an amazing array of materials. I usually recommend a hybrid of two or more wall systems based on climate and functional needs of each site and home. Earthen Built specializes in:

  • Light Clay Infill (both straw and woodchip) >> read more
  • Straw Bale >> read more
  • Cob >> read more
  • Clay Wattle
  • Wattle & Daub
  • Adobe >> read more
  • Earthbag
  • Cobwood (Cordwood/Stack Wall, but with cob instead of concrete)

Don’t let your current conventional house stop you from incorporating beautiful and healthy natural building elements into your home. If you are wanting to make a change within your home, are planning an addition, or even just updating the colour of your walls, talk to Earthen Built about the various ways you can bring natural materials into your already existing space.

Backyard Builds
Natural building is also a great way to create comfortable little spaces in more than just your home. Be it an outdoor pizza and bread oven, a cozy backyard bench, a welcomed sauna, or even a cute little garden shed, these are the perfect materials for such projects.

Rocket Mass Heaters
Though not quite accepted into code (yet), these are great heating devices that function much like a masonry stove, yet cost heaps less. Super efficient and clean, while providing a cozy corner to curl up in, these units have proven to be quite popular. >> read more


Earthen Finishes

Earthen Plasters & Renders    >> see portfolio
Earthen Built specializes in clay and lime plasters and renders for your home. Be it on a natural substrate or over conventional walls, Earthen Built can give you the beautiful and natural finishes you want. We specialize in:

  • Clay based plasters from smooth to highly textured or wonderfully decorative
  • Clay based paints & alizes
  • Lime based plaster (interior) and renders (exterior)
  • Lime washes (like paint)
  • Lime frescos (penetrating vibrant colours in lime plasters & renders)
  • Tadelakt (nearly waterproof lime finish – great for showers!)

Earthen Floors
Durable, beautiful, versatile, and oh so comfortable, earthen floors, also known as adobe floors, are fabulous! The only thing better than an earthen floor is a heated earthen floor.

Earthen Counter Tops
Made of the same durable materials as our earthen floors, these counter tops can withstand the impact of every day use and abuse. Lime or clay are both available and are a much healthier option to a concrete counter top.

Tadelakt   >> see portfilio
A category all on its own as an amazing finish. Tadelakt comes to us from Morocco, where they use this technique to waterproof their famous bathes. Tadelakt is commonly used as a shower finish, for counter tops in bathrooms, or as a sleek and sexy wall finish inside the home.


Earthen Extras

Sculptures, Mosaics, Windows
This is where the creativity really comes to life. Incorporate a glass mosaic window, a tile design on your floor, or even a fancy sculpture on your wall. With natural materials the options are endless.

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