Professional, Creative Services

Designs & Drawings

Our homes need to fit our lives and feel good to our souls. We each have our own personal needs, while each site has its own characteristics. It is important to understand that not every kind of natural home is suited for every climate or geography; designing to suite your location, needs, and dreams is what will create the right home.

Talk to us about designs from conceptional to detailed drawings.

Wall Systems

When it comes to building walls, we usually recommend a hybrid of two or more wall systems. We build to suite both climate, and the functional needs of each site and home. Earthen Built specializes in:

  • Light Clay Infill (both straw and woodchip)
  • Strawbale >> more info
  • Cob
  • Earthbag
  • Stone


Natural Plasters & Renders
Be it on a natural substrate or over conventional walls, Earthen Built can give you the beautiful and natural finishes you want. We specialize in:

  • Clay and Lime based plaster (interior) and renders (exterior)
  • Lime washes (like paint)
  • Lime frescos (vibrant colours in lime plasters & renders)
  • Tadelakt (nearly waterproof lime finish – great for showers and bathrooms!)

Counters & Floors

Earthen Floors
Durable, beautiful, versatile, and oh so comfortable. Earthen floors, also known as adobe floors, are fabulous! The only thing better than an earthen floor is a heated earthen floor. Or go for a beautiful tile or stone floor, either of which can be set into lime or clay, instead of cement, in most locations.

Counter Tops
Made of the same durable materials as our earthen floors, these counter tops can withstand the impact of every day use and abuse. Lime or clay are both available, as well as tile. When tiling, we can set them with lime instead of cement for a healthier option.

Stones (coming soon)

With our expert stone mason, we can help you create just about anything you’d like. Stone walls, floors, counters, sinks, fireplaces, mantels, ornamentations, and more.


From modern to creative, we love to work with tiles. Set them in lime or clay, for a more natural option.


Clay, wood-fired ovens!